As a member of the IEEE Educational Activities Board:

Responsible for IEEE’s Educational Programs and Services worldwide spanning the gamut from pre-university education, university education and accreditation, and continuing education. The Educational Activities Board has 23 Staff and over 150 volunteers who serve in a variety of committees. As VP-EAB I worked with our volunteers and staff and lead the Board through a strategic planning and prioritization process in 2016 that resulted in a five year strategic plan and restructuring and reorganization of Educational Activities to focus on the areas of highest priority.

Attracted a diverse pool of volunteer leaders especially from underserved regions of the world to serve on EAB and its committees with an emphasis on women in engineering, young professionals, and industry practitioners.

Restructured EAB committees to emphasize accountability and the pursuit of shared goals with measurable outcomes

Worked with OU Leadership (VPs of MGA, TA, Standards, and Managing Directors) and created a cross-functional team continuing education task force to coordinate educational program development, scheduling, pricing, performance metrics, etc. and recommend solutions

Established a Section Education Outreach Committee with representatives from Regions 1-10 to effectively serve member needs in education.

Established an MOU with Purdue University for the EPICS in IEEE signature program. Also launched an EPICS in IEEE India pilot with key university partners in India to promote project based learning, and faculty professional development, in alignment with IEEE’s mission of ‘Advancing Technology for Humanity’.

Brought focus and energy to our Pre-University programs by championing, “IEEE TryEngineering Together”, in partnership with Cricket Media, Inc.,. to create TryEngineering Together, a unique eMentorship platform giving companies a resource to mobilize their employees as volunteers to inspire and educate the next generation of engineers, scientists and technical professionals. The new platform leverages the deep STEM knowledge of IEEE and Cricket Media’s award-winning STEM content. TryEngineering Together is modeled on the CricketTogether eMentoring platform, giving companies and their employees’ meaningful volunteer opportunities to engage online with students and teachers in grades 3-5, particularly with those in economically underserved communities.

Championed “IEEE Try Engineering Summer Camps” program to co-develop and offer curricula and workshops for “pre-engineering camps” for high school students interested in pursuing engineering. These two week residential camps were offered in New York, Texas, and California in summer 2018 with great success and plans are underway to revamp and offer them as TryEngineering Summer Learning Institutes in 2019.

Launched several continuing professional education programs (CPE) including Cybersecurity Tools for Today’s Environment, Hacking Your Company: Ethical Solutions to Defeat Cyber Attacks, IEEE Guide to Internet of Things (with IEEE Future Directions), and the IEEE Technology Report on Wake Up Radio (with IEEE Standards). The following are under development: AI & Ethics in Design (with Standards), 5G (with Future Directions), Self-Driving Vehicles (with VTS), Smart Grid (with PES), Edge Computing (with Computer Society), Arc Flash (with Standards), and IP Law for Engineers 2E (with Wiley).

As a member of the Board of Directors:

Presented and received unanimous approval of IEEE EAB’s five year strategic plan with measurable outcomes in August 2016. The team has been laser focused on prioritizing our programs and services to deliver great levels of satisfaction to our end users in a financially sustainable way. We have made it a priority to strengthen our connections with OU’s across IEEE leading to successful endeavors in continuing professional education with the IEEE Learning Network (ILN), and TryEngineering Together to name a few.

The restructuring of Educational Activities and its committees is paying rich dividends with immediate results in the area of Continuing and Professional Education products and services. Increased revenue from sales of continuing professional education products and services by 22.6 % in my first year as VP-EAB in 2016 (from $ 306 K to $ 374 K); and by 102.2 % in my second year as VP-EAB in 2017 (from $ 374 K to $ 758 K). This is the first time that EAB met or exceeded its revenue projections in sales of CPE products and services in the past five years.

Co-championed the proposal to establish the Integrated Learning Network (ILN) with funding from the New Initiatives Committee. The IEEE Learning Network is intended as a one-stop single site for all continuing education products from across the Institute. Currently, there is neither a common platform for these offerings, nor any easy way for members and customers to find and register for IEEE courses. The IEEE Learning Network will provide that common platform. The IEEE Learning Network will give Operating Units like societies, conferences, IEEE-USA, etc., a common platform on which to place their webinars, self-study courses, MOOCs, registration for live offerings and more. In addition, it will provide Operating Units an e-tailing web site on which to make their products discoverable and purchasable, while benefiting members and customers by creating a one-stop shop for all IEEE continuing education products and services which launched in 2019.

Served on the Board’s industry outreach delegations to India (2016) and Australia (2017). Met and learned first-hand from industry leaders, volunteer leaders and members in these countries on their challenges and how best the IEEE can serve them.

As a member of the IEEE-HKN (Honor Society for Electrical Engineering) Board of Governors

Served on the Board for six years from 2012-17 in several roles including Governor representing the Western Region, Treasurer and Trustee, and President in 2016.

Improved visibility and awareness of IEEE-HKN across the IEEE and around the world. IEEE-HKN has a long historical tradition of recognizing academic excellence and serving the professional community of Electrical Engineering with over 200 chapters in the United States and around the world.

My tenure on the Board was marked by success in the following areas of priority: (a) Revive and revitalize dormant chapters, (b) attract professional members, and (c) continue to increase awareness and industry support for Chapter activities.

Lead the Board in the articulation and creation of a five year strategic plan with prioritized goals and objectives and a focus on measurable outcomes during my term as President. Together with the Board I have focused on several strategic initiatives to grow and strengthen IEEE-HKN including programs to actively engage faculty advisors, enhanced leadership and networking opportunities for our student leaders at the annual Student Leadership Conference, and increasing awareness of IEEE-HKN globally in Regions and Sections all over the world. As a result we have now established IEEE-HKN chapters in all ten regions of the world that are thriving examples of success and an inspiration for future chapters.

As a member of the ABET Board of Directors, and Board of Delegates (IEEE and Institutional)

Presently serve on the ABET Board of Directors as Director of the Engineering Area Delegation of ABET representing 32 member societies including IEEE in accrediting engineering programs worldwide. Served on the ABET Board of Delegates and representing in the Engineering and technology area from October 2015 – October 2019. I also served on ABET’s Global Council from 2015 – 2019 and presently serve in the ABET Finance Committee.

Elected to serve as one of the IEEE representatives to the ABET Board of Directors in 2013. Served on the Global Council of ABET and the Governance Committee, to draft rules of procedure and bylaws for the restructured ABET Board. Earlier I served on the Governance Task Force (GSTF3) where my sub-committee worked on metrics of restructuring related to the proposal to revise the ABET Constitution and Bylaws.

I serve ABET as a program evaluator representing IEEE and have performed several accreditation site visits reviewing programs in the United States and internationally.

Delivered several invited presentations, workshops, and plenaries on outcomes based education worldwide; most recently during ICACIT 2015 and ICACIT 2014 in Lima, Peru, and ICTIEE 2015 in Bangalore, India. ICACIT was recently accepted as a full signatory to the Washington Accord in summer 2018. ICACIT was born out of an initiative of the IEEE in 2001 led by Jose Valdez Calle and under the mentorship of John Thomas Cain, 1995 President of IEEE and former director of ABET. ICACIT, is a non-profit and non-governmental specialized accreditation agency for programs of computing, engineering and engineering technology. ICACIT ensures that programs meet international standards to produce graduates ready to start their careers.

As dean at CSU Northridge, I led the college and its programs through two successful accreditation reviews by ABET in 2007 and 2013 respectively. The college now has nine accredited undergraduate degree programs (by ABET and ACCE) and ten graduate degree programs leading to the Master’s degree.

Also as dean, I led the development of new undergraduate degree programs like our unique interdisciplinary program in Computer Information Technology in collaboration with the College of Business, and the BS degree program in Engineering Management. Both programs were reviewed and accredited by ABET in 2016.

As the department chair at CSU Sacramento I was responsible for the administration of the department and all our programs and lead our Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering programs through two successful ABET accreditation reviews during my tenure as Chair in 1997 and 2003.

As IEEE Region 6 Central Area Chair

Promoted membership and retention and provided prudent fiscal leadership and supported Sections to deliver programs of value to IEEE members and the community

Developed industry support and organized career fairs to serve IEEE members

Created templates for Area meetings and the Roles and Responsibilities of Area Chairs that were incorporated in the Region 6 Operations Manual

Enhanced awareness of engineering in pre-college students, especially women and minorities

Technical Chapter Activities

Founded, and lead the IEEE LEOS Chapter in the Sacramento Valley Section which received awards as the Most Innovative Chapter (twice) and Membership Growth when I was Chair.

Student Activities

Accomplishments as Branch Counselor, Section Student Activities Chair, and Area Student Activities Chair for over 16 years:

Guided Student Branches to organize Student Professional Awareness Conferences

Inspired Student Branch Officers to remain active and transition to Section level leadership roles