Candidacy Statement

The IEEE is the world’s largest professional technical organization that is synonymous with excellence. Our members create enormous value for the Institute through their contributions. Yet, as we all know, and are experiencing due to the challenges from the global pandemic, – Our world has changed; forever. IEEE’s mission of “Advancing Technology for Humanity” has never been more relevant.

How can we build on our tradition of excellence to increase value for our members and our profession? How are we addressing the emerging and future needs of Women in Engineering, Industry Practitioners, Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs? How do we remain relevant in these rapidly changing times? These are some of the questions that keep me awake at night as I think about the potential and future of the IEEE. Recent successes with virtual conferences, and open access publications, demonstrate opportunities to support our members, enhance the value of membership, and attract new members. 

As your President my goal is to work with you to make IEEE the pre-eminent membership organization of the 21st century by focusing on the following top priorities:

Grow IEEE globally by promoting a culture of collaboration, transparency, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and effectively serve all our members no matter where they live and work. Strengthen affinity groups including Women in Engineering (WiE), Young Professionals (YP’s) and Entrepreneurs.
Offer easy access to relevant continuing education programs and services, and industry focused workshops and conferences that enable our members to remain technically current.
Increase the value of standards, conferences, education, and publications, to serve all our members
Engage members and support their ongoing professional and career needs across the continuum of their careers.
Empower our diverse worldwide membership to collaborate, build leading edge technical communities, nurture strategic partnerships that lower barriers and enhance innovation, and strengthen and grow the IEEE for a brighter future
Energize, inspire, and incentivize members to keep IEEE at the forefront of future technical directions and innovation.

Empower & enable the IEEE Board and staff with clear strategic goals with measurable outcomes, to provide prudent fiscal leadership, reduce overhead and improve efficiencies, and ensure that our resources are effectively aligned with our strategic priorities. IEEE will be the trusted voice of the profession providing technological solutions to address humanitarian challenges worldwide with increasing visibility in global public policy.

Technologies are changing. Challenges are evolving. Our members’ experience has changed. We need to adapt and change to serve our members effectively. My priority is to create a culture of inclusive excellence that celebrates diversity in all its forms and enables and empowers our members globally across the IEEE. I am excited about our collective future and the opportunities that lie ahead for the IEEE. Working together, we can create an IEEE “Of the Members”, “By the Members” and “For the Members”. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you and the IEEE on this journey to bring this vision to fruition and make IEEE the pre-eminent membership organization of the 21st century. Thank you for your support!