“I have had the pleasure of serving on the IEEE Educational Activities Board under Prof. Ramesh’s leadership as Vice President of IEEE EAB, and we have worked together for several years beginning with the ABET Board of Directors and now on the ABET Board of Delegates representing the IEEE. He is a tireless volunteer leader of IEEE, and a strategic thinker who has served the Institute with distinction for several years. His top priority is to transform the IEEE into the pre-eminent membership organization of the 21st century. Prof Ramesh has the vision, the experience and the foresight to lead the IEEE to great success. Thanks in advance for signing the petition to add Prof. Ramesh to the IEEE election ballot for the position of 2020 IEEE President-Elect.”

Letter to ECEDHA (Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association) – ECE Source, January 2019

Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D., P.E.
IEEE Region 6
  • IEEE EAB Treasurer (2019), IEEE EAB Chair University Resources Committee (2016-18), ABET Board of Directors (2014-15), ABET Board of Delegates (2015-2021)
  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Director of the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
    Arizona State University

“As the Founder and Executive Director of the Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ramesh since the early days of IUCEE. Many of you know him from the courses he has offered to IUCEE institutions, and workshops and seminars at the International Conferences on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE) over the years on a wide range of topics covering Outcomes based education, Accreditation, and Governance and Leadership. I strongly support his candidacy and urge you to sign the petition to add Prof. Ramesh to the IEEE election ballot for the position of 2020 IEEE President-Elect.”
Krishna Vedula, Ph.D.
  • Executive Director, Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)
  • Professor and Dean Emeritus,
    University of Massachusetts Lowell,
    One University Ave, Lowell, MA 01854

“I am honored to endorse Dr S.K. Ramesh as a candidate for IEEE President-Elect for 2020. Over the past ten years that I’ve known Dr Ramesh, I am continually impressed with his tireless dedication and commitment to improving engineering education, and the profession. As a member of the ABET Board of Delegates, he represents IEEE in its role in defining educational requirements for various engineering disciplines including computer, electrical, telecommunications, optics, photonics, systems, biomedical, engineering management, ocean, and software engineering.
I’m proud to have worked with Dr Ramesh, and look forward to our continued professional relationship. Please join me in adding your endorsement for his candidacy for IEEE President-Elect.”
Michael K. J. Milligan, PhD, PE, CAE
IEEE Region 2
  • Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

“I am delighted that S K Ramesh is running as a Petition candidate for the 2020 IEEE President Elect position. He is a most accomplished and dedicated IEEE volunteer, an effective leader, a generous and gracious friend. He has done wonders for the IEEE Educational Activities. His Position statement is most enlightening and ambitious, and best for IEEE members. I would strongly urge you to sign his petition.”
Tariq S Durrani
  • President IEEE Signal Processing Society (1994-95), Vice Chair Technical Activities, IEEE Region 8 (2003-04 ), Vice President IEEE Educational Activities Board (2010-11).
  • Member US National Academy of Engineering, OBE FRSE FREng, Research Professor Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering University of Strathclyde Glasgow Scotland UK

“I have known Ramesh for the past 13 years and am most impressed with his visionary leadership in education and the depth and breadth of his IEEE experience. His numerous contributions as Vice President of IEEE Educational Activities Board, as President of IEEE-HKN and as an ABET Board of Delegates underscore his intimate knowledge of key IEEE issues. He has remained dedicated and strategically focused in supporting IEEE mission and objectives and has revived important elements of IEEE that had deteriorated over the years due to lack of effort and dedication. His passion for providing accessible education to under-represented and minority students is reflected in CSUN’s AIMS2 Program and in the institution’s ranking as a leading producer of underrepresented and minority engineering graduates on the west coast. With his leadership skills, positive attitude, and intimate knowledge of the needs of IEEE membership, IEEE will indeed be fortunate to have Ramesh as its next leader.”
Asad M. Madni, Ph.D., D.Sc.(h.c.), Sc.D.(h.c.), D.Eng.(h.c.), CEng.
IEEE Region 6
  • Member, U.S. National Academy of Engineering, Eminent Member IEEE-HKN
  • Retired President, COO & CTO, BEI Technologies Inc.
  • Distinguished Adjunct Professor/Distinguished Scientist, UCLA ECE Department
  • Faculty Fellow, UCLA Institute for Transportation Studies

“Mr. Ramesh is an example of a great leader who has a passion driven by getting results. He is always helpful and keen to develop the younger generations and to work with them closely to ensure their success. He is a professional leader whom I am very proud to call a mentor of mine”
Khaled Mokhtar
IEEE Region 8
  • IEEE EAB Curricula and Pedagogy Committee (2018), IEEE Region 8 Strategic Planning Committee (2018)
  • IEEE Egypt Young Professionals Vice Chairman (2018)
  • Emerging Technologies & Innovation Manager at Etisalat HQ

“I have known Prof. S. K. Ramesh for many years through IEEE Educational Activities. I witness and appreciate his leadership and vision to IEEE and to the communities we serve. I highly support Prof. S. K. Ramesh’s petition for IEEE President-Elect Candidate 2020.”
Supavadee Aramvith, Ph.D.
IEEE Region 10
  • 2018-2019 Member, IEEE Educational Activities Board and Chair, IEEE Pre University Education Coordination Committee (PECC)
  • 2019 Communications Chair, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee
  • 2019-2020 Member, IEEE New Initiatives Committee
  • 2019 Section & Chapter Committee Chair, IEEE Region 10
  • Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

“I met Prof. Ramesh for the very first time at an IEEE Board Retreat in 2017, I knew it instantly he is a gem and a true inspiration. Our meet-up’s, discussions and pictures didn’t stop after that, every now and then we would see each other at IEEE happenings and his natural ebullience would always cheer all of us – the young professionals. His exuberance and the commitment level would supersede even the energy a youth has in their prime, in short, he is a young guy with a body, soul and experience of a senior. I had the pleasure of working with him on one of the IEEE EAB Committee’s for when he was the VP- EAB in 2017-2018 and was amazed at his peculiarity on considering my understanding and interest on being on the committee, this is enough proof for me to validate someone’s character on how much they are considerate of even the smallest things and moments. I am vouching for him with his IEEE Presidential Campaign and I would urge everyone and especially the Young Professionals to support him and vote because this man surely knows what the young needs to become a fully professional.”
Sarang Shaikh
IEEE Young Professional, IEEE Region 10
  • Executive Committee Member@ IEEE Karachi Section, IEEE Region 10
  • Member, Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee, IEEE EAB 2018
  • Global Chair 2017-2018, IEEEmadC
  • Telecommunication Engineer | TEDx Speaker | Developing expertise in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Book Author: Inspire your Motivations

“Ever since I started volunteering and supporting different IEEE initiatives, mostly with EA (Educational Activities), in 2014, I have been fortunate to be able to work with Professor S.K. Ramesh, who has been a great mentor in many facets. I view Ramesh as an individual with clear vision and strong leadership skills, yet an approachable friend for professional advices. I am confident in his ability to successfully leading IEEE’s next journey.”
Jianchu (Jason) Yao, PhD
IEEE Region 3
  • 2017 Chair, Continuing Education Committee, IEEE EAB
  • Professor, Department of Engineering
  • East Carolina University, 203 Slay Building

“Dr. Ramesh, is a truly amazing leader. I have had the pleasure working with him in the IEEE EAB and HKN board of governors. His spirit of volunteerism is highly commendable. I’m always inspired with his humility, sincerity and dedication to serve the engineering and IEEE community at large. His inspiring leadership, sustained excellence and pioneering contributions to wide range of global IEEE activities over several decades facilitated multi-regional collaborations and enriched IEEE volunteer experience. I’m very confident that Dr. Ramesh with his rich experience and bar-rising vision will strategically take IEEE to newer heights and growth globally. I strongly support his candidature for the 2020 IEEE President-Elect and wish him the very best.”
Mr. Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan, MS EE
  • 2019 Chair IEEE SIGHT SSC
  • 2016 – 2018 Chair, IEEE EPICS projects
  • 2015-2017 IEEE MGA governor-at-large, IEEE HKN

“I have known Dr. Ramesh for over 30 years. As a student, volunteer and part-time faculty at Sac State, I witnessed first hand Dr. Ramesh making an immediate impact on both the E&EE department and the student body. Dr. Ramesh improved the curriculum by creating new programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to these improvements, Dr. Ramesh quickly became involved with IEEE, serving as an Advisor of the Student Chapter and the Chair of the Region 6 Executive Committee. Furthermore, Dr. Ramesh created the Sacramento Chapter of the Lasers and Electro-Optics Society (LEOS). Dr. Ramesh’s leadership and creativity has allowed both college students and professional engineers to benefit with programs in Region 6. But this was just the beginning of Dr. Ramesh’s long career in serving the engineering community. Dr. Ramesh championed a program to train pre-college youths and their science and math teachers at the junior and senior high school levels with innovative programs covering all fields of engineering. From junior and senior high school students and their teachers to Sac State students and faculty members to electrical and electronic engineering professionals in industry, Dr. Ramesh has crafted multiple programs to serve the entire community. Why Dr, Ramesh succeeds in all that he does can be attributed to how he treats students, colleagues and other professionals. He empowers those he delegates responsibilities to; he motivates those around him to do their best; and he surrounds himself with talented individuals who are willing to serve and perform at the highest levels. Based on my experience in working with Dr. Ramesh in many capacities, I am certain of the success he will have as President of the IEEE in 2020.”
Michael Fujita, CSUS BSEEE ’89, MSEEE ’97
  • Chair, IEEE LEOS Sacramento Chapter (1993-2000), Region 6