Why Me?

The IEEE is the world’s largest professional technical organization that is synonymous with excellence. Our members create enormous value for the Institute through their contributions. How can we build on our tradition of excellence to increase value for our members and our profession? How are we addressing the emerging and future needs of Women in Engineering, Industry Practitioners, Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs? How do we remain relevant in these rapidly changing times? How can we transform the IEEE into the pre-eminent membership organization of the 21st century? These are some of the questions that keep me awake at night as I think about the potential and our collective future. And the ones I will work with all of you to address as your President-Elect.

First, it is important to recognize the rapid pace of change and adapt our organizational structures and processes to increase the value of membership. Technology is changing. Challenges are evolving. Our members’ needs are different. We need to adapt our structures to better serve our present and future members. Let me give you an example – As the IEEE VP-Educational Activities I led the way to transform our vision into action through strong collaboration with all the major IEEE Organizational Units (OU’s). The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) that launched in 2019 is one example of the power of cross OU collaboration. ILN enables improved access to IEEE continuing education courses on one common platform. The Learning Management System (LMS) allows all interested IEEE Organizational Units (OUs) to store and deliver their programming in one portal.

This is the type of collaboration that I will seek to strengthen across the IEEE, with open and transparent communication, and strong fiscal leadership. My priority is to create a culture of inclusive excellence that celebrates diversity in all its forms and enables and empowers our members no matter where they are from, and where they live and work. The President-Elect plays a key collaborative leadership role in advancing IEEE’s mission, and in particular in promoting a culture of transparency, diversity, equity, and inclusion, that are integral to excellence. I will work closely with the Board and the IEEE leadership team to be innovative, and focused on clear strategic goals with measurable outcomes to effectively serve our members.

My IEEE experience during the past 38 years has been enriched by working with diverse and inclusive teams of volunteers and staff around the world to serve our members, the profession and the public. The values I have learned continue to sustain me to this day, to be mission aligned, ethical and collegial, collaborative, accountable, courageous and resilient, service oriented, and inclusive. I will work tirelessly to create an environment that is supportive and inclusive, and proactively attract everyone to participate and contribute.

If selected for this position I will work with colleagues on the Board to adapt organizational structures and processes to increase the value of standards, conferences, education, and publications, while providing prudent fiscal leadership that enables a bright future for the IEEE and our members. I am excited about our future. Sure there will be challenges along the way- and several opportunities as well. As long as we stay true to our mission and remain focused on our members and our values the sky is the limit. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve our members and the IEEE to bring this vision to fruition. Onward and upward! With your support and collaboration I am confident that we can strengthen the IEEE to become the pre-eminent membership organization of the 21st century. I invite all of you to join me on this exciting journey and thank you in advance for your support.